World music with Denya LeVine and her performing groups

Expand the border of your ears with world music groups O'Challah, Julie and Denya, and Longing for Ireland. View the performance schedule at the calendar.

Clayton March, Denya LeVine, and Greg Johnson of O'Challah


O'Challah is an Irish/Jewish/Eastern European (Klezmer) band featuring three well-respected performers in Cape Cod's folk and world music scene. Denya LeVine, Greg Johnson and Clayton March blend innovative arrangements with traditional styles.

O'Challah's music reflects the crossover musical links between Ireland, mainland Europe and the Middle East. Enjoy the bittersweet yet ecstatic nature of traditional Irish and Jewish music that brought the group together.

Begin with the joy, beauty and sensitivity of the music of Ireland. Add the untamed wildness of Balkan, Eastern European Klezmer and Israeli dance music, mixed with the emotionally rich, evocative compositions of Greg and Clayton.

Round out the repertoire with a diverse collection of songs in English, Irish Gaelic, Hebrew, and Yiddish sung by Denya. Hear guitar, clarinet, tin whistle, Irish flute, mandolin and fiddles. Expand the borders of your ears! Expect a performance that is engaging and whimsical.

Julie & Denya
Denya LeVine and Julie Wanamaker of
Julie and Denya

Julie and Denya

Julie and Denya features veteran musicians Julie Wanamaker and Denya LeVine. The duo performs songs of the sea and offers worldwide music adventures. Together, the two bring their love of world music and joyous energy to every performance. Programs may be custom-designed for families and audiences of all ages.

A rousing, energetic, interactive concert, Julie and Denya's Fantastic Global Music Adventure includes exciting fiddling, a multi-cultural sing-along, participatory rhythm band, and simple dances. You'll hear familiar and new songs and easy-to-learn selections in foreign languages. Savor the spirit!

Julie and Denya's Songs of the Sea is perfect for coastal venues - or when you just want to evoke the feeling of the ocean. You may select from programs for children, families, seniors, and general audiences. Julie Wanamaker and Denya LeVine play guitar, ukuleles, and fiddle, and their rousing vocal harmonies on sea shanties and folk songs sparkle and inspire. This duo has a zest for life that is contagious!

Longing For Ireland
Greg Johnson, Denya, & Dinah Mellin of
Longing for Ireland

Longing For Ireland

Longing for Ireland is a Cape Cod band with Celtic music at it heart, radiating out into a wealth of world music traditions. It features three well-known exuberant and creative musicians offering energetic dance tunes, poetry, and ancient and contemporary songs drawing on the evocative and wild emotions of the Celtic tradition.

Fiddler Dinah Mellin and band vocalist and fiddler Denya LeVine are from Orleans on Cape Cod, and guitarist/instrumentalist Greg R. Johnson hails from Mashpee. With roots in traditional American, classical, bluegrass, and world music, the band's repertoire spans four hundred years of rich vocal and instrumental tradition and original compositions.

With decades of combined musical expertise and the power, pulse, and sweetness of harmony and strings, expect to be transported back to the Celtic countries - with a Cape Cod twist!

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